The 29-inch revolution is upon us. What hasn't changed, fortunately, is the love every mountain biker has for cooling temperatures and fall conditions. Churning over the leaves as they fall through autumn-flavoured air. Filmed/Edited by Ehren McPhee

The west coast of British Columbia has put the hurt on mountain biking this winter with record snowfalls and unridable trails. Finally, spring has hit Squamish and the trails have been given a facelift by the local trail builders. Watch as Dexter Robson throws down a top time on one of the classic trails, "Credit Line".
Follow Dexter Robson as he takes you through some of his local trails on Salt Spring Island. The island is home to a diverse community of artists, labourers, agricultural producers, and a subset of mountain bikers. The local mountain bike community is primarily cross-country oriented, and the trails demonstrate this physical riding style. The physicality involved in accessing the trails coupled with the inaccessibility of Salt Spring creates a unique environment free of other riders. A benefit of island life is a climate moderated by the ocean that leads to warmer temperatures. Salt Spring is also in the rain shadow of Vancouver Island, so expect the trails to be relatively dry.
Succession, ecologically speaking, is viewed as the rise and fall of organic communities in an ecosystem. As mountain bikers we not only experience these changes, but are part of them. Whether good or bad, natural or man made, our landscapes and the tools we use to view these changes are constantly evolving. However no matter what happens within these communities, our trails remain a front row seat to this succession. Created by: Fault Line Media Supported by: Camelbak Rider: Dexter Robson Videographer: Ehren Mcphee - Producer / Editor: Eric Peterson -

There is a feeling that is synonymous with the word autumn. The feeling varies depending on where you’re from or what you do, but it’s always present. For my generation, those who have had the opportunity to grow up in British Columbia, autumn depicts warm weather and even warmer colour. Every year I go back to school after a hectic summer of work and racing. Things start to quiet down, and I have the opportunity to get outside with a friend and a camera. This year, I’m back at Quest University studying environmental science. The university is located in Squamish so that means riding day in and day out. The best part about going to university in the sea to sky corridor is the accessibility to thousands of trails. I can ride trail bikes all morning and when my legs get tired, downhill bikes all afternoon. Created by Fault Line TV ( Starring: Dexter Robson Videography & Editor: Ehren Mcphee ( Photography: Kendrick Dettmers Produced: Eric Peterson (

Quadra Island’s website states that the island residents are an extremely diverse and unique community of individuals, who share the passion of the island existence, but enjoy a variety of different professions. When we talk about individuality, a picture is painted of forging your own path and creating one’s own free existence. Sam Whittingham is very much so at the core of individuality. Sam created Naked Bicycles, a handmade bicycle manufacturer situated on Quadra Island, a cornerstone in the discovery islands. Our first stop on Quadra was Naked Bicycles; to meet Sam, and thoroughly discuss the trail network he is responsible for creating. After an enlightening conversation about his workshop, and the interesting client base he has created, we got guided around the trails in the forest behind his house. This was a great introduction to the trail designs that trend across the island. The trails that we were lucky enough to ride incorporated steep climbs, steep descents, and everything in between with one exception to the rule. Crikey Creek is the local shuttle trail, this trail is short and fast, best enjoyed on a trail bike. It includes from what we’ve seen, the largest amount of man-made jumps and turns. Due to deforestation methods, Crikey Creek did not succumb to clear cutting. Because it is situated right alongside a stream, the area has been preserved. The lack of logging makes for an absolutely beautiful second growth, moss-covered understory, and the trail seems to be painted into the landscape. When juxtaposed against the ridge trail Silk Stockings, which is composed primarily of rock, we start to get an idea of what Quadra’s trail network offers in its entirety. Though polar to Crikey Creek, Silk Stockings brings the same beauty through its wide-open views of the ocean and abundance of moss covered rock. It’s not as developed, and requires work to go fast, but the pain suffered on the climb is well worth the descent. The Quadra trail network is incredible, but don’t stop there. With a large portion of the island being uninhabited, this offers the chance to witness relatively undisturbed ecosystems. Make sure to bring your mountain bike on any adventure you wish to undertake. Fault Line TV -

Fall has crept into view, allowing Dexter Robson and Bryden Rigets a chance to experience arguably the best seasonal conditions for mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest. -

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